[Best App] How To Earn Money From Chamet By Video Calling


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Earn Money From Chamet Video Chatting App

Do Video Chat and Earn ₹50,000 Per Month Using Chamet Application. Withdraw Directly into Bank Account

Earn Money Using Chamet Video Calling App – Hey guys this is time we are back again with a new post for Girls/Women only. Yes this offer is only for Ladies who are looking for job to earn money. Here I am sharing the best way to earn money from home. Simple Video Calling will earn you around Rs.50,000 per month. Here I have given full steps for Downloading Chamet, Create a new account and Withdraw your money into your Bank Account.

Well, the job is as easy as you drink water. You just need to talk to strangers(male) on video call. Male users will call you and you need to pickup the call and talk to him as much as you can. The more you talk and spend time with him in video call, the more you will earn.

When it comes to Privacy then don’t worry this is app is end to end encrypted. You don’t need to share your personal information including mobile number, real name, picture, address. You can use fake name and profile picture to create a new Chamet ID. Read the full post carefully to get all details.

WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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About Chamet Application –

Chamet is basically a Live video chatting app. Through this app you can make new friends and join party rooms to meet new people. If you are having boring life then this app is for you. Chamet is a Social platform that will help you to meet new friends and talk to them over video call. It has some amazing features like video chatting, party rooms, live option.

Besides these features this app is helping women to earn money. Any girl/woman who is 18+ years old can login to this app and earn money. It’s live feature will help you to be live on the app so that people can find you and call you.

Note : You can’t withdraw your earning directly. You must bind your account with a Chamet Agency to withdraw.

  • WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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Don’t worry we have our own agency named as “Sourav Agency” which has been running for 6 months. Over 17+ ladies are working in our agency. We are giving the highest Salary to our clients. We pay the salary every week on Thursday. Below we have given our Salary Sheet.

BeansDollarSalary (INR)Payment (Weekly)

Important Notes –

  • You will get 1800 beans/minute while video calling. That means you can earn ₹700 by 55 minute video calling.
  • If you work 4-6 hours daily you can earn ₹50,000 per month easily.
  • You will receive your payment through Bank Transfer/GooglePay/PhonePe/Paytm/UPI
  • We give the salary to our clients every week on Thursday.


WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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How To Create a New Chamet ID and Bind to Our Agency

1. First of all you need to bind your mobile number from this link – Bind Now

2. After opening the above link select India(+91) and enter your mobile number.

3. Click on send verification code and enter the OTP and click on Bind.

bind mobile number with sourav agency of chamet

4. Your mobile number will be bounded successfully.

chamet best agency sourav agency

5. Now download Chamet app from play store or by Clicking Here

6. After downloading simply open the app and Click on More Options.

How To Create a New Chamet ID

7. Then click on Phone.

How To Create a New Chamet ID

8. Enter the same mobile number you bound with our agency.

How To Create a New Chamet ID

9. Enter verification you received through SMS.

11. Now set your password for your account.

12. Then set your gender as Female and enter your date of birth (you can use fake DOB)

How To Create a New Chamet ID

13. Click on Next then Enter your username (should ne unique)

How To Create a New Chamet ID

14. Done! You have successfully created a new Chamet ID.

15. Now follow below steps to earn money.

*Note : If you are not able to create new Chamet ID or facing some issues during creating new ID then contact us on WhatsAppContact Us

How To Earn Money from Chamet App by Video Calling

WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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1. After creating new account simply add profile picture, bio and status.

2. You can use fake profile picture also.

3. Now on homepage you will find Live option.

How To Earn Money from Chamet App by Video Calling

4. By clicking on Live option your front camera will be opened and users can see you.

5. Now you will start receiving calls.

6. Incoming calls will be connected automatically.

7. Now start chatting with them on video.

8. The more you spend time on video call the more you will earn money.

9. You can check your earning by going to Profile section>>My earning.

how to check earning in chamet app

How to Withdraw Money from Chamet to Bank Account

Note : The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 which is ₹700 only.

  1. For withdrawals you don’t need to do anything.
  2. Every Sunday at 9:00 PM your earning will be finalized.
  3. You will receive your finalized salary on Thursday before 9:00 PM.
  4. For receiving salary send message to the given WhatsApp number with given format.

To receive through direct bank transfer –

MessageWhatsApp Number
  • Bank account number, IFSC, account holder’s name
  • Chamet username

To receive through UPI like GooglePay/PhonePe/Paytm/BHIM etc –

MessageWhatsApp Number
  • UPI registered mobile number
  • UPI name (GooglePay/PhonePe/Paytm)
  • Chamet username

Send these information to the given WhatsApp number after creating new account and binding mobile number with our agency on Chamet.

Once you send these information you will automatically receive your salary every week on Thursday.

WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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How To Increase Earning on Chamet (Tips) –

  • Upload a attractive profile picture to attract more people.
  • Set a attractive bio for your profile.
  • There is a another live mode available where people can both see you and listen you.
  • Live party option available for making new friends.
  • Ask your followers to send gifts (gifts=beans=earning).
  • When you get more friends try to challenge another girl in PK battle.
  • You can increase your  call rate from profile section (recommended 3000/minute).

FAQ’s Related Chamet –

How to get calls on Chamet?
Click on Live button and you will receive calls automatically.

What is PK Battle?
PK battle in Chamet is a virtual challenge between 2 or more hostess. In this challenge who will get most gifts will win the challenge. There is a PK battle option available for all hostess who can start their own party room (minimum level 5 required).

How to start Live Party?
Well, to start your own live party you need to have minimum level 5. As you cross level 5 you  can open your own live party and enjoy with friends.

How to get more calls?
By using attractive profile picture and bio you can get more calls. Do live and party to get more popular in chamet. Be live as much as you can.

What is beans?
Beans are basically unique currency of chamet depends on you much you earn through calls and gifts from chamet. 100,000 (1 lakh) beans is equivalent to ₹700.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 lakh beans which is ₹700 only.

When will get my salary?
You will receive your salary every week on Thursday. You must send your bank details to the given WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Number : +91 8609159862 / +91 7908743448

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