Who is BINOD & Why Everyone is Spamming “Binod” in Comments


Who is Binod & Why Everyone is Spamming Binod “Binod” in Comments, Status, Livestreams. What is the Reason Behind Binod Tharu Meme? How a YouTube Comment Became Trending in India. Here is Everything About Binod. It All Started with a Video Titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” Uploaded by Slayy Point. The Creators Abhyudaya and Gautami was Exploring Various Comments in their Previous Videos. Then the Real Comment Come out which Started a New Trend.

Binod Comment

Who is Binod?

Actually Binod is the First Name of Binod Tharu who Commented on a Youtube Video. The Video Link is Given Below. His Comment was Nothing but Only “Binod”. This Comment was Explored by The Video Creators. They Made Fun of This Comment and They End it Shortly in their Video. But then the Sarcasm Begins. People Start Start Spamming “Binod” without any Major Reason. And Then it Became Viral and Got Trend in India.

Binod Memes

There are More Memes Available if You Search #Binod on Any Social Media Platform. So let’s Know Why This Comment Became Trend.

Why The Comment “Binod” is Trending

As I told Above it All Started After Binod Tharu Comments “Binod” in a Youtube Video. This Comment was Read by the Creators at Starting of their Video. According To Them He makes such pointless comments as he is so stupid. For which Purpose He Comment His First Name Only? So it’s a Funny Matter. After Binod Another Similar Comment was also Explored by the Creators. And that was Pinku Kumar and His Comment was “पिंकू कुमार” the Hindi Version of this Name. So it’s quite Funny Moments when Creators are Seeing such Comments. That’s Why They Wrote Indian Comments Section is Garbage in their Video Title.

Why Everyone is Spamming Binod?

Actually There is No Major Reason why People are Spamming “Binod” in Comments, Livestreams and Other Places. Indians are Likely to Turn Silliest Things into Entertainment. Some People are using Binod as Slang as Binod is so stupid that He wrote his First Name in Comment Section. Whereas Some are Trying to Make Him Famous for His Work. On the Other Hand Some are Making Fun of him by Sharing Memes.

Binod Best Meme


So this was Everything About Binod – India’s Trending Topic. Basically We don’t Post in these Niche but It is for Those People who Don’t Know Binod Till Now. Anyway Binod has Became So Famous just by Writing his Name on Comment Section. Hope you Guys Liked the Video. Thanks for Visiting.

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